Yoga For The Body 101

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YOGA FOR THE BODY 101: Ever wonder what the actual physical bodily health benefits of yoga are?  Well, really, there are far too many to list, but let us share the most important!

  • Increased Flexibility:
  • Now everyone can vouch for this…After a yoga class everything feels more open. The yoga asanas (postures) help loosen and stretch our muscles and connective tissue. You may notice aches and pains disappear; this may be because you muscles are not as tight and causing pain. Tight muscles can also lead to poor posture, which leads to our next physical health benefit of yoga…
  • Improved Posture:
  • Yoga helps our bodies learn proper posture. Our muscles are stretched, strengthened, and they learn how to hold your body properly from practicing good form in yoga postures.
  • Increased Strength:
  • And of course yoga increases strength! Isometric positions work muscles in ways that other forms of exercise do not. Yoga postures also focus on muscles that are commonly not worked in other forms of cardio or fitness classes. Holding postures and using our own body weight strengthens and tones the whole body throughout your practice.
  • Improved Bone Health:
  • Weight bearing exercise also helps improve bone health; this of course includes yoga! The more weight bearing exercise that you do throughout your life, the stronger your bones become! Studies have shown that a regular yoga practice definitely improves bone density. Better bone density in turns leads to less fractures and no Osteoporosis!
  • Increased Blood Flow:
  • Increased blood flow can benefit every part of the body; organs, bones, tissues, you name it… Increased blood flow improves circulation throughout the body and encourages blood back to the heart where it can be re-oxygenated and then pumped back to the body. Twisting poses help wring out internal organs of old, toxic blood, and allow fresh clean, oxygenated blood to replenish them.
  • Boosts Immunity and Drains Lymph:
  • During your yoga class your muscles, tissues, and organs are stretched and stimulated. These movements increase lymph drainage, allowing your body to rid itself of foreign invaders, therefore boosting your immune system. Proper lymph drainage allows the immune system to fight infection, kill cancer cells, and dispose of toxic wastes.


As your reading, you may notice that the health benefits are interconnected. That is because all of our systems are interwoven. Where yoga improves our health in one area, it may always cause improvement in another body system. For example, improve your flexibility, and your posture will improve. Increase your blood flow and your respiratory health will improve. Your muscles become stronger, well, so do your bones. Yoga creates health benefits throughout our entire body creating an amazing synergistic effect.


Now, next time you are in a class and are wondering why the teacher has you in a strange twisted body contortion, you will realize that there really is a darn good reason you are there!


Happy Yoga-ing!!

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