Guide to Growing Medicinal Plants

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Latin Name:Lavandula angustifolia
Medicinal Properties: This aerobatic plant is mostly known for its relaxing properties on the nervous system. It is also an analgesic (pain reliever) especially for sun burns. It is moisturizing and tonifying for the skin.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun in well drained, sandy soil



Latin Name: Helichrysum italicum
Medicinal Properties: An uplifting plant that is know to help heal bruises and strains.
Growing Conditions: A full sun drought tolerant plant.



Latin Name: Valeriana officinalis
Medicinal Properties: For most people the root it is a strong sedative and mild anxiety reducer. It is also known as a pain reliever.
Growing Conditions: Likes partial shade best but can tolerate full sun in colder climates. It prefers moist nitrogen rich soil. Roots are harvested in the fall of the first year of growth.


Clary Sage

Latin Name: Salvia sclarea
Medicinal Properties: Clary sage is a hormone balancing herb and is also great for cramping. It is one of our favorite mood elevating plants.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun in well drained soil.


Chamomile, German

Latin Name: Matricaria recutita
Medicinal Properties: A tasty nervine that has a calming effect on the nervous and digestive system. It is also an anti-inflammatory and mild sedative. One of our favorites for children.
Growing Conditions: Prefers full sun and to be well drained in compost rich soil.



Latin Name: Ocimum spp
Medicinal Properties: Basil is an excellent herb for the digestive system.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun in well drained soil.



Latin Name: Tanacetum parthenium
Medicinal Properties: A great plant to use as a preventative for migraines.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun to partial shade. Is pretty tolerant to most soils but likes richer loamy soil.



Latin Name: Marrubium vulgare
Medicinal Properties: A respiratory herbs to help with bronchial infections and coughing.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun and does well in poor soil.



Latin Name: Ocimum tenuiflorum
Medicinal Properties: An adaptogenic herb that relieves stress, builds energy and lifts the spirit.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun in rich moist soils.


Lemon balm

Latin Name: Melissa officinalis
Medicinal Properties: Our favorite mood uplifting herb that relieves tension. It has been used in herbal protocols for cold sores and is high in vitamin C.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun to partial shade in a well drained loamy soil.


Common Sage

Latin Name: Salvia officinalis
Medicinal Properties: Mostly used for respiratory tract concerns and soar throats. Can also be used externally fo skin and hair health.
Growing Conditions: Likes hot or cool, dry environments in disturbed soil.


Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit

Latin Name: Echinacea purpurea
Medicinal Properties: Helps boost the immune system at the onset of infection. Works well agains bacterial and viral infections.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun and well drained loamy soil.



Latin Name: Thymus vulgaris
Medicinal Properties: An antimicrobial and antispasmodic to that helps treat bronchial infections, coughs and sore throats.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun in well drained, loamy soil.



Latin Name: Mentha piperita
Medicinal Properties: Best known for its positive effect on the digestive system, soothing cramping, easing nausea and reduces gas. Also a cooling and uplifting plant.
Growing Conditions: Likes moist soils, warm days and cools nights. This plant can become invasive if not properly managed.



Latin Name: Spilanthes spp.
Medicinal Properties: A safe antibacterial and antiviral. Known as the “toothache plant” because of its numbing properties in the mouth.
Growing Conditions: Likes hot dry weather and rich soil.



Latin Name: Foeniculum vulgare
Medicinal Properties: Can help produce milk flow in nursing mothers, supports the digestive system and respiratory system.
Growing Conditions: Likes full sun and is pretty tolerant in most soils.

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